[Science] Beetles Attracted to Specific Light Frequencies

This is a little late, and I've been meaning to post about it for a long time.  Sometimes life and work just get in the way.

An interesting finding from the USDA ARS and a new beetle trap in development.  The article speaks specifically to Red Flour Beetle, but mentions that Hive Beetle is also attracted.  Interesting read.  I hope the efficacy proves high enough.  This would be a very clean way of removing beetles from hives.  I'm envisioning a small solar panel on one of these pyramids, silently killing beetles with it's LED's while recharging in the field all day.

"Among its features, the new trap is pyramid-shaped and sports slender fins that coax inquisitive beetles into a central pit where they can be captured. The trap is also fitted with light-emitting diodes (LEDs) whose colored light—set to wavelengths of 390 nanometers (nm)—attracts beetles from long distances, ensuring they get a whiff of pheromone as they approach."