Inaugural Post

Just a post to launch this Blog.  The main goal here is to be a video blog.  I am planning several Bee-Lines across the U.S., and hopefully Mexico and Canada as well, on my motorcycle, with my cameras, to interview beekeepers and film bee related stories.  I want to see it all.  If it buzzes and is interesting, I want to catch it on tape.

If you know someone who has an interesting philosophy, practice, equipment, approach, or is doing research in beekeeping, let me know and I'll see if I can get them lined up on one of my trips - which start this summer.

My first Bee-Line is heading south through the wilds of the Southwest.  I am located near the Bee Research Lab in Logan, UT, a source I hope to exploit for interviews, and my line will take me south along the Utah/Colorado boarder (maybe Moab-Monticello-Durango or perhaps Grand Junction-Durango) on down through the Los Alamos area of New Mexico (hoping to secure and interview with a queen breeder in the area) then on down to Austin, Texas to meet some researchers and a favorite YouTube beekeeper of mine (also if he'll agree to it).  I'll make a drop to Laredo, Texas, to visit some family very quickly, then more or less follow the US-Mexican boarder up to Arizona into Tucson.  No where to go but up, from there, and I'll probably come back along the eastern side of AZ and UT.

A second Bee-Line will have me going to the deep South, probably via Oklahoma, through Louisianna, on to Dothan Alabama.  From their I'll curl back across the northern route, through the plains of the midwest.

A third Bee-Line adventure will be through northern Nevada, via Reno, to the San Francisco area, specifically Hughson, CA (near Modesto) and then on down through the Central Valley, maybe as far as L.A.  Depending on how far south things go, I'll go back north through Las Vegas, NV, or if I don't go as far south as L.A., I may cut across the middle of Nevada somewhere that looks interesting and point towards Ely, NV.  I would LOVE to make this trip in February, during the Almond bloom, but the weather for motorcycle riding across most of those northern areas and passes is very questionable at that time of year.  We'll have to see how things go.

So if you know of anyone or anything bee related along those areas that would be interesting to bee enthusiasts, or maybe you're in one of those areas, let me know and let's get something lined up!

 Email me here!

All of that will take time to get up and going, so in the meantime I'll be posting on things I think are interesting or worthy.  To start with I will put up links and create a menu section for Beginning Beekeepers to get instruction, as it's that time of year again.  I know I field lots of NewBee questions in the spring, so I'm organizing some instructional videos I have found to be pretty good in the next couple of posts.

Bee Lining
  - http://www.beehunting.com/
  -Excellent reproduction of a Bee Lining tool at the Bee Hive Journal, blog.  This tool I first saw in a book by George Harold Edgell, "The Bee Hunter", Cambridge, Harvard Univ. Press - 1949, which has been reprinted more recently.
   - Another description of Bee Lining can be watched on YouTube, from McCartnee Taylor, aka The Lazy Beekeeper, here.


HB said...

If you haven't finished your first bee-line, you should visit Grampa's Honey in Alamosa, CO. They are good people. http://www.grampashoney.com/

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